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Default Re: Most disappointing comic-book movie

Originally Posted by The Sarge View Post
Often when one dislikes something, and everyone else loves it, you tend to dislike it even more, so that's something to take into consideration.
This is true as well.

Originally Posted by Hammer! View Post
My most disappointing CBM by far is TDKR. People in this thread claiming that the people who didn't like it are 'haters' are either clueless are jealous at The Avengers stealing a large portion of TDKR's thunder. Sure the GA seemed to really like the movie, but the film divided the comic book fanbase in a way no CBM has since Batman Returns.
Jealous that an overrated CBM took TDKR's "thunder"? Lol, get real. If anything, what hurt TDKR the most is what happened in the midnight showing. That killed anything positive for TDKR, and that's the honest truth.

And Batman Returns isn't the last CBM to have polarizing views before was Watchmen. But it is pretty awesome that two Batfilms are polarizing with the CB fanbase.

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