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Default Re: "BLINK and you might miss her!" - The Fan Bingbing Thread

Originally Posted by The Overlord View Post
Are you sure? Clarice is a name of Latin and Greek origin, not Chinese origin. I know some Asian Americans and recent Asian immigrants take "wasp given names" to fit in better, but Clarice is not a Chinese given name and Ferguson is certainly not a Chinese family name, considering it has a Gaelic origin.
I have Chinese friends in real life that doesn't have a name that originated from China. So its not an issue.

Originally Posted by Mad Ones View Post
Oh Psylocke. Another example of missed opportunities. She was even in the same movie as Angel and not one attempt was made to give them any connection to each other. I know it's impossible to incorporate all connections and relationships, but they didn't even try in the OT. Why have characters like Psylocke and Angel if they're stripped of everything that makes them who they are?
Well they could always bring them back for X-Men 5.

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