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Default Re: Anthony Mackie in talks to play Falcon

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He could just as easily be another War Machine. Personally I would hope they have more high profile names like Ant-man, Wasp and Black Panther for Avengers 2 than Falcon.
War Machine *should* have gotten his Avengers Card, but there's a difference between WM's comic-book connection to the team and Falcon's. WM was an on-again/off-again member of the Westies, and rarely appeared in an Avengers book proper. Falcon, on the other hand, was a full-fledged member of the Main Branch and a regular fixture at The Mansion. He has more cache with the Avengers than War Machine did.

Plus, Falcon has been played up as an important Avenger --- albeit a "token black" role for the most part, for now --- in recent pseudo-Avenger fare like the new Avengers cartoon and Superhero Squad. Marvel is definitely "grooming" him for a spot on the movie roster.
I disagree. The world did not collapse in on itself like some fans would have us believe prior to the Avengers coming out. Few people actually seemed to care beforehand and I didn't see many being bothered by it afterwords.

Personally I think Falcon is similar to War Machine because he is not A list and is often seen as more of a sidekick. That and you've still to introduce founding members from the comic and other bigger name Avengers makes me think that Falcon should be bumped down the list for recruitment.

Not every superhero is going to turn up in Avengers because then the team would be too large for one movie to cope with. I think people like WM and Falcon should sit them out until the bigger names get their turn.
Comic book logic aside, War Machine *should* have been part of the Avengers in, um, The Avengers.

In the MCU, the Avengers are not a members-only club, but essentially a group of extremely skilled and/or powerful human/not-so-human beings that came together in order to, in Heimdall's words, cancel the apocalypse.

If War Machine was present and available, instead of being on a mission in Asia, wouldn't logic dictate that he would have suited up during the Battle of NY? It's not like they couldn't have used the firepower of another Iron Man, albeit in a slightly less advanced suit.

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