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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 3

Originally Posted by halo10 View Post
In all the Xmen films Storm (hally berry) doesn't have an African accent, Gambit (Wolverine Origins film) didn't have a Cajun accent, Bashee (Xmen 1st Class) did not have a strong Irish accent. i think it would help mightily if T' Challa did have a strong accent but take note how Marvel films have been ignoring this from the beginning.
Theres a difference though imo. Black Panther is the KING lol of an African country, born and raised for lots of his life in an African country also, If they have him without an accent that would be terrible lol. Way worse than Storm or Gambit imo.

Anyway 42 is out now, I still havent gotten to see it but its getting good reviews. Mostly all reviews say he was great as Jackie and Harrison was great to. Anybody seen it think he'd b a good Panther?

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