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Default Re: What people DIDN'T like from The Avenger ........Spoilers - Part 2

Originally Posted by roach View Post
it adds to the tension because the military can't do anything against the invasion. It adds to the tension because now only the Avengers can fight the enemy.
Steal tension??? No one can steal tension. Tension is either added to a scene or taken away.
Screenwriting 101: anything that adds to the tension of a scene is a good thing. Let's look at one of the best endings of a movie Star Wars: A new hope. We have the tension of the death star bearing down on the moon of Yavin, We have most of the X-wing pilots getting wiped out by and the last resort in rookie Luke Skywalker. The tension is ramped up when everyone tries to blow up the Death Star and fails... imagine in Avengers the military shows up and is stomped by the Chitauri. Tanks blown up, jets destroyed...a squad of soldiers cornered...Chitauri bear down on them....Cap saves the day and then they go into the whole Avengers assemble scene. Tension is ramped up and now when they council decides to use a nuke it makes sense because they used all their ideas.
You mean like that scene showing civilians cornered, Chitauri about to blow them up and Cap jumps through the window and saves the day. Very original idea. Cars are blown up and buildings are demolished. We get it, that the invasion force is strong.

So the army gets to the scene before the Avengers, get stomped, but then six people show up, two of which have no actual powers, and save the world? The army would have looked pathetic and our heroes too unbeatable as they must be stronger than the army. Doing things this way also brings up the question, "Where were the Avengers while the army got to the scene?" The army naturally takes more time to get moving than the Avengers would and it was explained why they hadn't shown up yet with a quick line. Screenwriting 101 with Joss Whedon.

Tell Mr. Whedon he did his movie wrong. Talk to him about screenwriting 101. Why did he cut scenes showing the waitress and police officer during the battle? Why did they throw in the mention of the National Guard taking their sweet time getting to the fight? Because they slow down the movie and take the audience away from the fight people care about. No one cares about the military getting stomped. They are not the point of the film. You're not arguing against just me, but against the Joss Whedon who might know a but more about screenwriting than you.

Edit: Here's a thought. War Machine was not included in the Avengers film. My thoughts about that are that he would have too powerful for the Chitauri to do anything against. He would have just stood in the street blasting away at anything that got close. He would have been the most boring character because he is so perfectly suited to dealing with waves of lightly armored cannon fodder. That is exactly what the military would have been. The would have rolled down the street blasting anything that got close. Or you make the military so pathetic and dysfunctional they trip over themselves, becoming a joke and diverting attention to something dumb and pointless.

You don't need the military to get beat up, our heroes are supposed to take that role. Heroes are meant to get beat up and then overcome the odds. That is where tension comes from.

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