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Default Re: Anthony Mackie in talks to play Falcon

Black Panther is already a better candidate and it's not because we need a black Avenger. He's a character that is a well known Avenger and is strong enough to carry his own ongoing titles and cartoon as well as being one of more featured Avengers on Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Fans are already clamouring for a Black Panther film and appearance in the Avengers sequel. I just don't see that with Falcon so much.

I'm not for the argument of putting WM or Falcon in A2 because they're black actors who are already cast in parts. I'm not a big fan of positive discrimination. Marvel could end up adding Falcon to A2, but it won't be because they need another black face to make up the numbers.

Also, while Avengers may not have went with all of the founding members, there is an Ant-man film set for the phase two (which was probably why they didn't go with him). I'd be very surprised to not see him in a second Avengers film. I don't know about Wasp since I'm not aware if she's even in that film or not (though I doubt it would be a big problem to introduce her in A2).

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