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Default Re: Most disappointing comic-book movie

End of the day, both made a billion dollars. And TDKR did it without the 3D boost. I think there is and was a demand for both kinds of approaches. "Fun" will never get old just like "badass" will never get old. The Avengers was more the former, TDK Trilogy was definitely the latter. Though not mutually exclusively so in either case.

Spider-Man 3 has to be the most disappointing of all time, no contest. I'd say X3, but with Ratner directing I think people sensed it coming. Up until a few days before Spider-Man 3, I was expecting it to be this dark, epic film. The trailers were unbelievable. But the reviews and reactions caused me to temper my expectations at the last minute, so it's not like I walked out gutted and blindsided. I didn't even really hate the movie. But I knew that it most certainly was not the movie that was being advertised, and the one thing everyone was excited for- Venom, was pretty much an afterthought and not even as cool as you would have hoped when he was on screen.

The funny thing about TDKR is that it's the only film on this list that would also have a legitimate place on a "greatest superhero films of all time" list. You really couldn't say that about any of the other films on the list.

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