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Default Re: An idea for Whiplash II...

Originally Posted by Pink Ranger View Post
I wouldn't mind seeing Whiplash II as part of a rogue's gallery of hunters (a la Empire Strikes Back) who go after Iron Man in a future movie. No need for an elabourate backstory, just put him in with guys like The Beetle, Crimson Dynamo, the Mauler etc. in kind of an Armor Wars situation.
This. If there's a new Whiplash, I think he can be one of a trio (or more) of villains that Hammer employs to take out Iron Man. We don't need origins for them. Hammer can simply say he didn't want Vanko's technology to go to waste.

I think they were originally considering there to be several villains in IM2 but reduced it to just Whiplash.

Iron Man may have taken on a bunch of drones in IM2, but I don't think we've seen one superhero take on a bunch of costumed villains in a film before. Maybe Superman 2.

My concern with the IM movies is they seem to be shying away from costumed bad guys. Their approach is almost too "realistic."

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