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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 6

Well I think the music is awesome...truly truly awesome. I can't explain it other than it resonates with me, makes me more excited and gets me invested in this film.

And good call on Zack Snyder really excelling in the action department he is FANTASTIC at that...actually..the story department as well..for me anyways I love his movies.

I'm just worried because I feel it won't have enough action or Superman in his suit (God that suit is beautiful by the way ). It is of course too early to tell but I'm just hoping against hope someone...SOMEONE finally gets Superman. And I'm not talking about the very 1st Superman motion picture, I get it I get's loved by many and it's a masterpiece and all of that, but I'm talking in recent years, like in the last 20 yrs or so since Tim Burton was supposed make this film, or even a bit before that.

It ASTOUNDS me that this movie hasn't been made right. I guess it's subjective, some people liked/loved Superman Returns..I thought it was right ****ing abysmal, I can't TELL you how disappointed I was. It's unreal, I mean it's a comic about a man who can do ANYTHING pretty much, has a cavalcade of unbelievably awesome and powerful villains to fight and what happens in the last go around? He gets his ass kicked by ****ing Kevin-Boring-Lex Luthor (again!!!!) the guy from Harold and Kumar, has a kid that throws pianos, and flys around crying and was a terrible letdown for me I just couldn't believe it. I mean you have these..daydreams, these fantasies of seeing a superhero whom you cherish get into a high stakes rough and tumble explosive action extravaganza and you get that serious case of "Whiskey Dick" that was Superman Returns

Either way I know I talk too much and I'm sorry for that LoL, I just am really really really excited about this film and I hope it's everything that every Superman fan wants and dreams up in their head. Obviously it won't be able to be everything for everyone in terms of what they had imagined but I am hoping the crew/cast/producers/technical wizards/everyone else who worked on where the world can join IT in the sun.

.......damn Zod is so badass in this just as a P.S.

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