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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 6

Originally Posted by Anita18 View Post
It's best not to think too hard about it. It's out of everyone's hands, even WB's. They will push the uplifting and inspiring angle in the marketing, but because it's Superman and they want to differentiate it from the Nolan Batman films. That's the best way to go about it. I'm sure they won't go rah rah America with it. They approached Ledger's death quite tastefully, by not mentioning it outright, but showcasing what he had already accomplished on celluloid.
I think they should just tout it as a big-time move. Leave ideals/patriotism/etc out of it. If that's not enough, then neither is the movie.

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Originally Posted by Matt
Plus, is the infatuation that teenage girls have with pseudo-vampires any less sad than your infatuation with men in spandex and Heath Ledger? Its probably more justifiable for them. :)
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