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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 6

Originally Posted by Anita18 View Post
I think it's too late about the ideals. But ideals are a big part of Superman's popularity. True humanity is shown when you have all the power in the world to do harm....and you don't. It takes someone with extremely strong morals and ideals to live up to that.
Let people take from it what they will, but don't push it as such. Like 'In these troubled times, we need someone to look up to...' etc. We got them, in real people all around us....let this be a welcomed distraction of entertainment first and foremost (just like everything else in movies), then again people will take from it what they will. I just don't want to see some ad campaign somehow trying to take advantage of something like the Boston bomb.

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Originally Posted by Matt
Plus, is the infatuation that teenage girls have with pseudo-vampires any less sad than your infatuation with men in spandex and Heath Ledger? Its probably more justifiable for them. :)

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