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Default Re: A Song of Ice and Fire books

Originally Posted by Spidey-Bat View Post
Anyone think Gerion Lannister will show up or we learn what happen to him?
I'd love that. The guy seems pretty awesome from what Genna, Tyrion and Jamie said about him being this humorous, happy guy who was fond of his youngest nephew. Also the fact that Tyrion thinks of him a lot during Dance might be telling.

Maybe one of the main characters will head to Valyria and find him living in a harem full of silver haired-purple eyed women

"This miller's marriage had been performed without my leave or knowledge. The man had cheated me. So I had him hanged, and claimed my rights beneath the tree where he was swaying. If truth be told, the wench was hardly worth the rope. The fox escaped as well, and on our way back to the Dreadfort my favorite courser came up lame, so all in all it was a dismal day."
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