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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 6

It's funny, I was talking to my friend yesterday, and I was saying to him that it's interesting how Man of Steel isn't coming out that much later than Iron Man 3, but compared to the latter film's almost blanket coverage, with multiple trailers and TV spots and preview clips of whole scenes released online to the point where you practically know the outline of the whole film, Man of Steel has played it's cards relatively close to its chest. If you think about it, there's a lot we really don't know about the film and its story, with the previous trailers doing a great job at conveying mood and tone while giving away very little plot-wise beyond first act stuff. And I said to my friend that I liked it like that, and my anticipation for Man of Steel already eclipsed Iron Man 3 (which I'm also looking forward to), and all this movie needed now - especially after that cryptic viral video of Zod - was one final trailer filled with high-octane action and epic, sweeping scope, while still giving away relatively little of the plot, in order to achieve a marketing home run. Then this comes along and the deal is sealed.

There's the action and scope, alright. But there's also more of that heart and emotional wallop that I think is going to be the film's true calling card. And it could also be what elevates Snyder, as up until now he's made films that look very pretty but lack that crucial heart. The moment with Kevin Costner choking up as he says, "You are my son," had me with a lump in my throat. Everything is just hitting the right notes. Much like Batman Begins found a way to restore the traumatic impact of the murder of the Wayne's after us almost being numbed to it with how often we've seen it played out in the iconic characters' history, here we feel the resounding sense of loss in the destruction of Krypton, we get that human connection of loving parents sending their child away, never to see him again. Superman himself, often (unfairly) dismissed as unrelatable and boring, here feels relevant and compelling, as much like Begins made Batman the most interesting character in his own film at last by making us care for Bruce Wayne, this film seems to be getting us inside the head of Clark Kent. I'm a big fan of Michael Shannon already, and his Zod seems suitably menacing. And kudos to giving Lois Lane some agency beyond "pushy career woman" and actually have her embarked in a seemingly long-term pursuit of Superman across the world, trying to find the truth of who he is. It creates a fascinating new wrinkle in the Clark/Lois relationship.

So yeah, I'm onboard. The media blitz may get come, it probably will. But if we got this trailer, and then a media blackout beyond TV spots just using footage from existing trailers, I'd be fine with that. I want to see this opening day, on IMAX, please.

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