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Default Re: Avengers Alliance - Part 1

Originally Posted by Hellion View Post
I might not be that up to speed on my X-stuff...but when did the Longshot/Dazzler being Shatterstar's parents happen?
it was suspected since beast examined him. the few time he was injured (one of the few times they let Beast be smart for a change) I think it was during Excutioners song and also another time that time when syrine banshee Daughter was team leader after cannon ball was promoted to the X-Men and left .

beast said his bones were similar to long shot's with how flexable they were.
And there was also that time when Dazzler came back to take the Xbabies home with her to mojo world one time in the main books and Iceman , jean, gambit and bishop fought off off mojo's hench men, gog and magog during the X-Men's night off and night out on the town and jean sensed that Dazzler was going through some sadness like a miscarriage, but dazzler was keeping most of the details to her self all she would say is that long shot her husband was missing and she was desperatly searching for him and she would be back later to do so with the X-mens help since they told they would do so. and then it was dropped as soon they started Morrison's run some time after .

All the younger heroes that were married like cyclops, spider man , captain Britain and long shot weren't any more and were being split up in the worse ways possible and then Joe Q came out and said how the current up and coming writers making names for them selves couldn't handle writing heroes that weren't sue and Reed Richards that were in relationships like that and how he used the excuse that new young readers that came in through the movies were not understanding why those characters are in those realtionships and gasp having kids and how appealing it was to see spider man as a bachelor to him and to bring the lame triangle BS that the main people that read were happy had passed. but no and the he went destroyed those others that weren't sue and Reed.

Any way I'll have find the issue numbers for you later. Your lucky I just came out of the Marvel heroes MMO beta just now. I was doing a marathon run with that when you asked that question. and needed a break.

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