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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon

From the CinemaCon footage:

"If I ever catch you robbing again, I'm going to cut off your hand… Promise me you're done with a life of crime?" - Hit-Girl

"I Promise." - Random Criminal

Criminal reaches for a knife, Hit-Girl retaliates by lobbing off his hand with her sword

"Pants on fire." Hit-Girl

"You've never kissed a boy, have you. Maybe you're a dyke?" - Random Girl

"Maybe I'll slam my foot up your snatch." - Hit-Girl

My superpower is that I'm rich as ****. - The Mother****er

"I'm not calling you [The Mother****er]." - John Leguizamo

"Then get yourself another Mother****ing job." - The Mother****er

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There is no fighting Hans Van Houten. You can try to shoot the devil in the back, but what if you miss?
Who put Bella in the wych elm? Hans Van Houten did.
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