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Default Re: The "Keep Hope Alive" (that the rights can revert back to Marvel) thread

Originally Posted by fangz View Post
i was thinking it was a bluff too, until they made that announcement about Millar supervising Fox's Marvel Comic Universe. It's hard to imagine him just going along with it like that.
and what could be going on in Trank's head too?
it doesn't add up to me. neither of them would be pretending to make this movie.

maybe this fact that shooting is so soon and we haven't heard anything about casting means that we'll get a whole cast of unknowns. that might be really cool and something about that seems like it would suit Trank also.
I don't think Millar actually has any power (or influence for that matter) at Fox. It really seems like he was just hired as a figurehead just so Fox could say "ooh, hey! We've got a Joss Whedon, too!"

As far as Trank goes...who knows? He may be getting fed up with the nonsense...and if he is, let's hope he bails. Or Fox may be promising him this stuff in good faith, in which case he may just believe them and really think he's going to get his movie made.

This really does sound like a bluff, though. I've never heard of a production start date being set for a film that has no set cast whatsoever...let alone 2 months from that start date.

Again...either a bluff, or false news, or Fox went crazy and forgot how to make a movie.

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