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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 3

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
"Essex" was just ignorance on my part, I should have stuck with Oxford. I didn't realize the received pronunciation doesn't necessarily come from anywhere, per se.

I personally would have him school in the states to be more immediately identifiable to American audiences, though England wouldn't exactly hurt that. Other than that, I view the opening pretty much the same as you do.

And a lot of the African accents aren't far from British accents as far as the endings of words. Some of the hard consonants are different, especially that Zimbabwe area, but by and large, not a big leap. You could effectively split the difference for the two and harden the sounds to A) Create a brand new African sounding accent and B) Illustrate, even in the accent, the "dichotomy" of Wakanda, both very advanced, and very African.
You mean a lot of African pronuncations. The African accent is nothing like the British accent and you couldn't confuse the two over here.

As far as received pronunciation goes (which, ironically, often refers more to a type of accent), that is more typical of people from public (which really means private) or boarding schools - it's similar to the Queen's English. It's like the classic posh accent, which many people attending Oxford would have (because they've attended public schools or boarding schools). However, people from Oxford or specifically from Oxfordshire county sound completely different (more like a farmer's accent).

The Essex accent is kind of like Sienna Miller's in Layer Cake, which isn't far different from the Cockney accent. Sienna Miller, as she normally speaks though, is more received pronunciation.

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