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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - - - Part 12

Originally Posted by Eggyman View Post
O Christ, what are you trying to do to me, saying things like that?
Everybody always suspects things about me because they aren't in my head. Even my Mom at certain points but honestly I've been attracted to dudes since I was 12 years old. Thank Keanu Reeves in Speed for that. He got my lady parts tingling. I'm attracted to Women in a certain sense. Great now I shoved your mind back into the gutter.

Originally Posted by terry78 View Post
J-Law could dip her toe in that pool and no one would be shocked I think.
I'm not shocked by anything in Hollywood. I thought K-Stew was a lesbian or at least Bi and she might still be the second one but she definitely isn't exclusively. lesbian. Didn't think much about Lawrence in that regard to be honest.

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