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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 6

With a clearer head, I can now pinpoint the not-as-good stuff:
- Lois's "He never quite fit in" feels crammed in and awkward as hell. I can just picture Amy Adams reading that from a paper in a sound booth.

- The action bits... it's surprising that even with the 3rd trailer they're still holding back on the action. The stuff they showed is so choppy and out of context that I couldn't even understand what I was watching without having to pause.

- They're playing with the colors of this thing like it's nobody's business. The previous trailer showed off a very nice, vivid palette full of turquoises, orange sunsets, etc. Just compare the shot of Superman vs Zod along the side of the building in trailer#2 and this one. Ther's now a prevailance of browns and whites that I'm not sure I like too much. Hopefully it's still subject to changes.
That's pretty much it. I can't stress enough how big of a deal it is to me to see Supes smiling and flirting with Lois. That went a long, long way. That and the amazing piano tune at the beginning - which, by the way, is the new theme, I take it, only piano-y? Good stuff.


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