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Default Re: The Joker A Reality?

Originally Posted by BatmanGoesToRio View Post
Just think about the bank robbery in the prologue. Every thing has to work the exact way the Joker predicted it at the exact time - like the bus entering the bank exactly on time and the last of Joker's goons standing at the exact place at the exact second. This is ABSOLUTELY unrealistic. Which is okay because it's a movie. But in reality - no way. One single traffic jam, the bus arriving a few seconds too late - and Joker would have been a dead man.
But its not a matter of realism. You have to remember that Joker's plans were completely different from the schemes of other movie villains becose of one simple reason - Joker in TDK didn't giva a **** wether he would live or die. He just done things. He thought them through, and obviously was very clever, but he didn't care for his safety, didn't plan for contingencies in case something went wrong. He just pushed forward and that was his strenght.

And I think its an important part of TDK Joker. It also informed a lot of his plans. Some people complain about Jokers plan relying on too much coincidece. But when You think about it, none of the things Joker did were impossible, they just seemed too convinient. People say that there are too many "what ifs" in his plans, but he didn't care. Other villains might care, couse if something goes wrong, they get killed or imprisoned. He just ACTED, he did stuff, like a force of nature he is often described as. His plans worked exactly becouse he was daring, he always went head first, without worrying about the consequences for his health. And it just worked. This kind of effectivnes born out of 100% commitment, and not holding back, or being cautious out of fear is exactly the Joker's method in the madness.

For example the school bus scene You mentioned. If Joker was any other criminal this would be way too risky, too many chances to get cought on spot, or bring the attention of police later. But Joker didn't care, he just acted and his succes was a mixture of luck but mostly effectivnes born out of daring, and alwyas doing things at the right moment, without second-thought. The bus escape plan might seem crazy, but with all the crazy he created at the bank, even with other bus drivers seeing him exit the wreckage, there could have been too much commotion and confusion for the authorities to catch him just there on the spot. For someone like the Joker, that all he needs.

And that's why I think its plausible to get a real life crazy freak to wreak some havoc, if he shared Jokers philosophy. Of course not the level of carnage like in the movie, obiviously. But I could well imagine someone playing on the nose of the police for quite a long time, if one was as daring, clever and totally commited to his shennanigans as TDK Joker.

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