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Default Why the 1970's?

With BooBoo now in the cast I got thinking about his characters possible connection to the timeframe of the movie...

There are only a small handful of logical possibilities for BooBoo.

One of the Proudstars (and I can see them wanting to kill off a character - Thunderbird?), Sunspot (I hope not) and Forge...

Of these characters, Forge makes the most sense when you think about the 70's.

To me, the 1970's mean Vietnam and there are two characters that were there...

Wolverine and... Forge.

Since Forge lost his arm and leg in the war, what a great way to introduce his character.

Also, with Omar Sy being cast and the logical conclusion that he is Bishop, Forge makes even more sense since it is Forge who (in the cartoon) sends Bishop back.

There are 2 ways to do Forge...

1. Just have him in the future, though wouldn't you go with an older Forge?

2. Have him in both the past and the future. BooBoo would work very well for a young Forge, and with make-up could pull off an older version.

Again, why pick the 70's? Well, for the war. And if you have the war you have Forge...

What do you think?

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