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Default Re: Patton Oswalt's Totally Improvised Pitch for a SW/Marvel Crossover

The gist of it is Boba Fett gets out of the Sarlac pit. Han Solo shows Chewbacca's severed head to Luke and the young padawans. Lando and Leia are having an affair. Thanos uses the infinity gauntlet and creates a time ribbon which Tony Stark senses. A wormhole opens up and out come the X-Men in a "Quinjet." Patton's character says Hawkeye and Black Widow are second tier and says there will be no second tier characters in the movie then talks about calling in Moon Knight and Hercules and then all the Greek Gods from the Clash of the Titans movie to have a triple franchise. Boba Fett comes in the Slave One to save Luke from the X-Men Quinjet.

Something like that.

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