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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
And that's ok but Clark simply had no progress there character-wise. Or if he had some, every time he made a step forward, the next episodes they took him ten steps back. Later seasons don't have that. Clark learns from his mistakes, doesn't treat Lois like some perfect picture put on a pedestal like he did with Lana, and never mopes. He's a progressive character, he has sense of humor, he is relaxed, he's into the moment and he never lets others walk all over him out of fear he might hurt their feelings like he did in the past, or any of that stupid crap. He's just an awesome character the entire time. Clark is a joy to watch during those final seasons.
Exactly, the only thing the first few seasons got right was lex. Clark didnt get interesting until season 4 when he got to interact with Lois. I love their fret few episodes together, it was such a refreshing change of pace for the show, finally somebody Clark can actually bounce his personality off of and has chemistry with. Honestly I loved season 4,sure it was really silly but after how bleak and dismal season 3 was I felt it was needed, also, i liked the kryptonian element hunt, i thought it had a cool fantasy/ raiders feel to it, I just wish they emphasized that a little bit more throughout the season, have a little more questing on Clark and Lex's part.

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To alot of people, especially kids my age who grew up in Bush's America, TDK is kind of like our Woodstock. I'm not an idiot.
Welcome to the hype, we hate fun #gategate #SeriousBusiness
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