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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 6

This makes me so pleased for Snyder, loads of people were ****t ing all over him when he was announced to be helming the movie, and according to all the buzz and this wonderful trailer, he's going to show the haters.

I still disagree when some say there's no heart in his movies, there is in Watchmen, the last scene in 300 is IMO beautiful in this aspect "My queen", there are often little moments like these in his movies. But here, with a good script, MOS definitely looks like it could be his own little 'masterpiece'.

By the way:

@JAK: your post is really really arrogant and condescending. A handful of people truly get Supes? Like you're some kind of unique person in your understand of the character. People will always disagree with adaptations and the interpretations, but in the end, it doesnt matter.

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