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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 6

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
I don't know if anyone's brought this up...and I'm kinda' hoping that it is the case...

...but when Jor-El/Lara say "He'll be an outcast....they'll kill him." "He'll be a God to them.." Unlike the Brando 'destiny' part of STM...would they be talking about Krypton instead? It's been pointed out that Kal-El's birth is special in that it is natural and not engineered. So it's sort of like Children Of Men in terms of being a miracle that he was born. So the implication is how it will change things on Krypton...that Krypton will see him as different or God-like or a source of fear. And that could be what starts up a huge 'holy war' and leads to his escaping, Zod's obsessive search for him, and ultimately the destruction of Krypton.

I'd also be kind of an interesting reversal in that he escapes a place where he has some sort of destiny or symbolism...a source of awe and/or fear and jealousy and the desire to possess his a place where he could 'start from scratch'....where the 'imagine a child...' part of Jor-El's speech really means something, as opposed to the almost religious radicalism that would meet his existence on Krypton.

I hope that's the case, and it also puts a lot of those 'STM-like' points on Krypton in a whole new light.
That's more or less what I'm hoping for with Krypton being destroyed by civil war.

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