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Default Re: Avatar: The Legend Of Korra - Part 2

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
Even the ones that show him giving the show credit?

What exactly do you disagree with and why? I personally think his critique of the first come of episodes is a little harsh, as I thought they were quite good in the world building.
I can't honestly address the props he gave the show; I only recall some of his critiques that I disagreed with. So, as far as his critiques go, I disagree with his assessment of Mako (and maybe Korra too? I don't remember if he called her a jerk too in respect to the thing with Bolin) as a jerk. From my perspective, Mako was focused on making a name for his bending team while Bolin read Korra the wrong way; thus I didn't really feel too bad for him.

As for bloodbending, I can accept that Amon was probably able to increase the blood vessels' vasopermeabilty, drawing in blood proteins, cells, and fluid to create clots that blocked the benders' chi.

I disagreed with his assessment of Korra as a hero; he says attempted murderer when she confronted Amon's brother. I say hero who did what she needed. Calling out Amon early on was simply a character flaw that went hand in hand with her hotheadedness.

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