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Default Re: Arrow General Discussion Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by Spuzz View Post
Sorry to butt in uninvited but could someone succinctly describe to me Arrow and its pros. I'm not hugely familiar with the character. Not enough to get every reference/recognize every character/villain. Would I enjoy this show? Also is the acting cheesy or good? XD
Prior to watching Arrow the only thing I knew was that Green Arrow was on an island in his origins and that he wore a green hood and fired a bow and arrow. I knew of a couple of characters that have shown up from other things, but the GA enemies I didn't know. Listening to people on certain topics on this forum I'd say I may actually like Arrow more BECAUSE i wasn't that clued up on GA to be honest. Other people can get disappointed if a character isn't how they envisioned it. Everything is introduced, they assume you know nothing, although provide easter eggs in name drops and news references that excite you if you get them, but just go over your head if you don't.

So this show has good production values. You'll get people complain and whine as they do about anything. No it's not as artistic looking as Game of Thrones, but it's not meant to be. It's equal to other top shows such as Dr. Who, Buffy etc.

The island (5 year flashback in every episode) is very reminiscent of Lost. A very intriguing storyline going on there based on survival. The city is current day. It's about Oliver Queen returning to cross names off a list his father left him, who are the bad people in the city.

The way the villains/heroes are done are more of a nod to the comic books than a faithful reproduction. In Green Arrow, the Royal Flush Gang is a family of people who look like Kings/Queens etc. In Arrow, they are a modern day bank robbery gang who wear hockey masks with K, Q, 10 and A on them. So it's the royal flush gang, but done in a way that fits the show.

As such, right now there is no powers. It's all realistic/vigilante rather than "super hero". The characters as a whole are gritty. It takes a lot of cues from Nolan's batman to the point of ripping it off at times. It can get bloody.. lets say the likable cast of Buffy but the more grittiness of Angel.

Lots of familiar television faces, Katie Cassidy, Colin Salmond, Crixus from Spartacus, River Song and Captain Jack from Dr. Who. A few bits of bad acting here and there, but the lead is solid as are the older cast members.

I'd definetely try it. And at least up until episode 7 because it picks up from some initial bad acting from the main character to where he's a rock now. I didn't watch Smallville but I heard it was slow paced. This is FAST. Ollie now in both island and city, is nothing like Ollie at the start. So much action, every show.

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