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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate

Originally Posted by psyonic View Post
The talk show was George Stroumboulopoulos so we didn't get to ask questions. She didn't talk about DoFP but the host did ask her about The Wolverine and she did her "I heard I was in the trailer" bit then she admitted she can't talk about the role, that's about it. I got the impression her role is bigger than just a cameo. The entire interview was about 30 mins, then another actor came on Donal Logue, he seems like a really cool guy.

Famke is really tall in person and she was wearing, I would guess about 4 inch heels adding to her 5'11"? She wore a black lacy top with a white mini skirt, she was pretty. She is skinnier than I thought she would be, but her mini skirt was really form fitting. The episode airs Thursday at 7pm on CBC.
I was at the Stroumboulopoulos show yesterday too! Why why why didn't George ask something about DOFP. I guess if she had mentioned she was going to be filming the James Caan movie in Ontario on his show instead of CTV maybe that coincidence about both movies filming in Canada would have sparked the question.

Is it bad when George asked Famke "if you could use telekinesis on anyone who would it be" I wanted to yell out TOM ROTHMAN. But it would have been too much of an inside joke/would have mortified Famke.

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