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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - - - - Part 13

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
the guy in there said exactly what protocida said, regarding the twist....but then he simply said that it's not exactly how it seems, and Killian isn't in as control as it may seem

could have to do with the..multiple viewings thing...humor me here..

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
what if the idea was to have mandarin somehow be IN control all along? And the idea was to make it be revealed that Killian is control...when in reality Mandarin IS still in control and is using Killian..and there are hints at it through out the movie

I mean, it could play into the have to see it a few times thing.

If he said that, then he must clearly think that there are things audiences won't pick up on when they see it first..which means there could be more to it than what meets the eye :P transformers reference
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
But how does that change Killian being the actual Mandarin? There is a big difference between Killian being in control and him being the Mandarin. Or am I miss reading this?

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