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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread.

Here are some more Twitter reactions (I don't think these had been posted):

‪@JonathanRomney‬: Liked IRON MAN 3 a lot. Suffice to say it has Le Shane Black Touch.

‪@bbusramutlu‬: Iron Man 3 as expected. Stunning, funny, full of action, hardcore. Robert Downey Jr gives it his best and of course the great Shane Black.

‪@FlorrieVincent‬: Iron Man 3 is AWESOME. Shane Black you ruddy genius.

‪@IncredibleSuit‬: Iron Man 3: Five stars? It deserves 26!

‪@AlexanderJMoss‬: Guess we can talk Iron Man 3. It's BRILLIANT. Easily on a par with Avengers, Shane Black PLEASE write & direct more...PLEASE!

‎‏‪@p_bradshaw‬: Iron Man 3 was quite brilliant - I loved how clueless it managed to make my preview features look too... Damn you Shane Black!

‪@TomButler‬: Iron Man 3 is the goofiest Marvel film yet, and it's all the better for it. A Shane Black film through and through.

‪@OwenNicholls‬: Iron Man 3 is extraordinarily and completely a Shane Black film. And that is a very, very great thing.

‪@emjam56‬: OMG the new iron man 3 is amazing loved our sneak preview in London thank you Mr Shane Black ‪#ironman3‬ ‪#londonbaby‬

‏‪@jamheal‬: Happy to report that Iron Man 3 is no clunker. Shane Black's treatment a bit too knockabout in places, but it's seriously entertaining.

‪@iFlicks‬: Iron Man 3 isn't a superhero movie. It's a Shane Black movie with superheroes in it. Naturally, this makes it very, very awesome.

‪@TypicalFreaks‬: Legally, I should not divulge too much except...saw Iron Man 3 and he is indeed RDJ. It is also highly innovative, hilarious and amazing.

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