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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - - - - Part 13

Originally Posted by terry78 View Post
Before the MoS trailer weren't we all gushing over this flick? Jesus, you people.
Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
The MOS trailer wasn't all that, especially the bad CGI whenever Supes did anything super human.
MOS has had nothing to do at all with this conversation. Nothing. Why bring it up? To start some sort of fight?

And this twist has been controversial for awhile, since it was first hinted at weeks ago. It has just now gotten additional confirmation is all.

Originally Posted by CharlesConceptz View Post
Im done. Im leaving this website. I promise i will not be spiderman or attempt to be. I have a ral careerr to fulfill. Please don NOT tell anyone about this. I would appreciate if you all kept this a secret.
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