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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - - - - Part 13

Originally Posted by craigdbfan View Post
Then why even pose that question if you're going to respond with something like that? All you're trying to do is instigate another petty "studio vs studio" argument and I won't be having any of that.

Don't pose hypothetical questions that only serve as baiting.
I'm not baiting anything, so why insinuate that? I'm saying what I think, and I honestly think that would be the case. Anyone who responds with hostility has a mistaken motive. Personally, I think Marvel gets slack from time to time. Something like this, no matter how well done, is taking a dump on the true Mandarin character.

I'm allowed to say that, it's not like I said the studio sucked or some other studio was better. If I think something is wrong I deserve to express it because I am a fan.

Originally Posted by an_ewok View Post
If FOX had pulled off with their Marvel properties what Marvel Studios has, I dont think that would be true. But alas, we live in a world where Galactus was a Space Tornado, X-Men 3 was a cluster****, the first Wolverine was disappointing (to put it mildly). Those things get held against the studio, rightly or wrongly, and while First Class was a step in the right direction, it hasn't washed out the stain of past blunders.
You're overthinking it. Look at it as Iron Man not being in one big Marvel universe and just being owned by Fox like the X-Men.

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