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Default Re: The Gaming Lounge: Beyond - Part 5

Yeah I'd have a quick walk around the whole place before deciding what you want to try and play and what's worth queuing up for especially if you're going for just one day. The Tomb Raider queue at EG was 1 hour! And as we'd seen the gameplay so many times on so many screens by the time it was our turn it wasn't as fun to actually play it. There were a lot of less popular games like Hitman & Dishonored that we could play for ages without queuing for too long. And if you spend too long on one obviously you might miss on seeing some altogether. Main thing is to see everything in action properly and at least play your favourites/ones you've been anticipating most, then anything else is a bonus. Will be so much to see from PS4 & 720 & even some of the big wii U games should finally make an appearance. I'm thinking of going for 2 full days.

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