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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by HUMANIMAL View Post
ok no reactions about a possible dr. strange casting on the way?...interesting
I'm neither here nor there on Justin Theroux as a Marvel Studios fave to play The Good Doctor; it's just that it's wayyyyy too early to have *any* casting rumors, accurate or not, start sticking. Assuming a 2016 release date (and that's *just* an assumption), I wouldn't start looking for legitimate casting news until late next year at the earliest.

Originally Posted by jse View Post
that's awesome . i didnt realize that was from an SHH forumer.. coz i think i read it from a personal website/blog, or someone who had read your post and then relayed it on their own website/blog.

Guhhh... i hadn't made the connection.. Thanks SLM. Although i think it's unfortunate that they depowered an elder god to become the assistant of a demi-god. Kinda like it bugged me that Thor beat the Destroyer armor so handily. On the bright side, them utilizing the alias "The Other" instead of his more recognizable "Chthon" name would allow Marvel to be free to use the more powerful Chthon as a separate character in all his glory (in a Dr. Strange sequel for example) if they wanted.

I still think though that Whedon may have made Loki play the Mephisto part (or even a Mephisto/Nebula hybrid) in TA1 had he been allowed to make Thanos the main villain in that. But yeah i concede the point.
Yeah, I think "The Other" is a deliberate catch-all name for the studio, so that the character can be used as a recurring substitute for any number of uberpowerful cosmic entities from the MCU. I truly believe "The Other" *is* supposed to play Mephisto's role as majordomo to Thanos; it's just that with this generic name, you don't risk alienating the bible-thumpers in the audience who might otherwise be horrified to realize that Little Junior is watching a movie showing The Devil Himself.


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