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Default Re: Arkham Origins Announced

Just a couple of updates from what I've read so far:

-Arkham Origins main inspirations are Batman: Year One and Legends of the Dark Knight
-Penguin in the picture is antagonizing Alberto Falcone (I won't spoil anything else)
-Branden will be the more well known officer on the hunt to take down Batman. At this time, Commissioner Loeb in charge of the whole charade and hopes to get Batman and serve his head to the highest paying assassin.
-That being said, a younger Gordon will be present; forces like himself and hopefully other cops will play a role into making a positive impact by fighting alongside with Bats.
-Batman will be young and will make some rookie mistakes that makes him flawed... which in my book is sensibly perfect for grounding and molding the Batman we love in Arkham Asylum/City.
-Also gets his bat-claw from Deathstroke at some point; Montreal is hoping to bring a Boba Fett like quality out of Slade, and I'll the more happy for it.

From what I'm reading, the idea of Rocksteady not being the force behind this game makes me nervous, but at the same time... this news wreaks of potential of being a fantastic game. ESPECIALLY for true Bat-fans, like myself.

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