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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - - - - Part 13

Originally Posted by mkilban2 View Post
sorry if you took it a certain way Rock, but I didn't have any intention of insulting peoples' intelligences or demeaning someone in any way. I respect others opinions and hope they do the same for me, I enjoy being involved and reading intelligent conversations on different sides of the road. But I think in most cases people need to have an open mind when things come out before the final product is released, after that comment away on what he/she generally disliked about the final product.

And I don't think you'll need to go back to that bookmark very much because as you so aptly named me "Mr. Carefree" I keep a very open mind with these films, I accept each scenario that comes out and hold my opinions until after I see the film. I don't have certain ways I want to see something be portrayed already stuck in my head, so each time I see a new theory or an idea another person has I like to play around with the idea and think about how it could end up.

Again, I apologize if you felt I was demeaning to anyone, yourself included, as that was not my point. I just think people should keep an open mind and wait to criticize.
It's alright. Just keep in mind, when you go to a movie that is an original screen play it's much easier for the viewer to have an open mind. But with these Marvel movies, we're talking about elements that have decades worth of history. Now I'm not one to propose "everything" be a direct translation (Ex. I'm cool with the Iron Patriot of the MCU), but it varies from person to person what they valued most about the character and what they want to see brought to the screen.

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