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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread.

This isn't a review, but it is a conversation in which Ray Subers of argues that Iron Man 3 should be viewed as a spin-off of The Avengers rather than as the third film in a trilogy. That is a view I agree with, especially in light of the massive interest in IM3 from the GA.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
Franchises that declined at the box-office with their third movie: The Matrix, Spider-man, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Shrek, Transformers.

Ray Subers ‏@raysubers 55m
@sleepyskunk None of those were coming off THE AVENGERS.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 23m
@raysubers The closest would be Dead Man's Chest. Follow-up one year later, and 423M of non-3D, non-IMAX money in the bank.

Ray Subers ‏@raysubers 19m
@sleepyskunk My argument has been that from box office perspective IRON MAN 3 should be viewed as a spin-off a la WOLVERINE or PUSS IN BOOTS

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