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Default Re: How many X-Men related movies would you like to see?

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
You know, looking at the differences between FOX's X-Men franchise and Marvel Studios's MCU continuity it struck me what has really held the X-Men back at the movies from being giant films(actually, it's many things that are doing that but one or two above all others): an utter lack of ambition and faith in what they are selling. Can you imagine how it would be if the characters were in the other studios possession? If FOX has the Avengers and MS had the X-Men?

First off, I doubt FOX would ever have been able to manage the balls to get The Avengers off the ground but over at MS we'd be getting 2 X-films a year rather than an average of one every 2 years. And they'd branch out so as to give all the many X-men characters more space to actually be developed as characters instead of say someone like Colossus being still just a cameo in the backround that he is in the FOX filmverse. There'd be room to develop the X/Juggy rivalry and all that and show audiences the richness and depth of this universe that the FOX films have barely managed to scratch the surface of.
Marvel has patiently built its onscreen superhero universe, and it's paid off.

But there is a difference too, in that the Avengers is composed mostly of heroes who have also thrived in their own comic book series. Thus, solo introductory films work well (though Hulk never was a big hit). But X-Men isn't like that; most of the mutants don't have successful solo comic book series.

The prequel/spin-off thing has never really worked that well for X-Men. It might have been seen as a less expensive method that could focus on one or two characters, but the films (Origins, First Class) haven't done that well.

However, First Class has been useful in providing a past setting for DoFP, so it did serve some purpose.

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde
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