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Just got back from this, really enjoyed it but at the same time was slightly dissapointed. The movie was confusing in parts it shouldnt have been, which made some of the revelations towards the end lack a bit of bite in my eyes.

The cast were great, Cruise, Riseborough (that swimming scene, wow!) and Kuralenko were all very good, and Freeman and Coster-Waldau, despite having small roles, did make an impact and got you invested in them. The visuals are the movies strong point, i'm sure everyone has heard by now but the movie really is gorgeous, the sound and score help a lot with the mood as well. The score was excellent, though not quite as good as the one for Tron: Legacy.

The action was very good as well, but a word of warning, its not an "action-packed" movie by any means, there are maybe 3 set-pieces in the whole movie, there are some very slow and talkative parts as well so if you want an action romp dont come to this.

The story was quite good, though it borrows heavily from other, even recent sci-fi movies, however the execution was done pretty well, even if parts dragged and the big reveal was pretty predictable. But this brings me back to the confusing parts, what were the aliens exactly? And
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what were they doing cloning humans, why couldnt the drones just monitor Earth and return to the TET when they needed repair, also why were the aliens here, was it just for the planets resources? Why even make up the story to Jack and Victoria about them leaving for Titan, etc, why the big elaborate scheme just to keep them happy?

For a film full of talking moments and exposition, I really shouldnt have this many questions, but overall I did enjoy it, and it is well worth seeing at the cinema. 8/10.

Kosinski really needs some help with his story-telling though, he slows things down too much to get the plot explained in both his movies so far.

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