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Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
But this brings me back to the confusing parts, what were the aliens exactly? And
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what were they doing cloning humans, why couldnt the drones just monitor Earth and return to the TET when they needed repair, also why were the aliens here, was it just for the planets resources? Why even make up the story to Jack and Victoria about them leaving for Titan, etc, why the big elaborate scheme just to keep them happy?
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There were no aliens on Earth (according to Beech), the Tet was creating and using the clones to help take over the earth and drain their resources. I guess you can say that Tet was the alien in this movie. I think Tet wanted that elaborate story to prevent them from remembering too much and give them a false hope? The Drones needed repair but they needed a human touch which is another reason why the clones was created.

On a side note yes, dat Riseborough.

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