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Default Re: 'There's a wolf on the school' - The Booboo Stewart Thread

Just thought of a new idea that supports him being Forge...

We know that both Rogue and Iceman will be in the movie, although they will both be in the present/future (non-1970's) group.

And we know that they are... in love!

We also know that one of the biggest obstacles for these characters is Rogue's powers and their inability to... get it on...

So, how great would it be if there was a device that would prevent Rogue's powers from working while they were in the throws of intamacy?

And who, in the comics, has invented just such a thing?

That's right, my main man Forge!

In fact, what if this is a, if not THE, main plot point. Just imagine that the invention of this device (lets call it a "collar") is what creates the negative future in which the Sentinals have taken over. Bishop ends up going back not to prevent the murder of a prominent political (or other) figure (Senator Kelly, President Nixon, Xavier, etc.) but to stop the invention of this collar.

Also, when you look at both TheDays of Future Past and the Age of Apocalypse (which would likely be the next big storyline), they both occured due to similar things. One was the death of Senator Kelly and the other the death of Xavier. These are a little too close as the cause and affect. So why not make Days of Future Past more simple...

Forge invents this collar which allows the government to defeat the mutants, which leads to the Sentinals taking over.

The only problem I have is that the collar concept works for Rogue and Bobby, which means the present/future X-Men, not the 1970's past. Maybe someone (the main antagonist - which can't just be Trask) steals it and takes it back to the future? You think they would use Nimrod or Fitzroy?

So how about this plot...

1. Forge, in the present, is now part of the X-men.
2. He helps Rogue and Bobby by inventing the collar.
3. Someone (sentinals, nimrod, etc.) steals it.
4. Either the present changes right there or the villain (Fitzroy?) escapes with it to the past.
5. This changes the present "around" everyone
6. The world is now Sentinal controlled
7. Either someone (Xavier, Forge, Blink, etc.) realizes and knows when to send someone (Bishop) back to (1970's) or Bishop jumped into Fitzroy's timewarp before it closed (which would just make Bishop a member of the X-men and not from a different future)
8. Bishop and the X-men of the past fight to stop Fitzroy and/or Trask, etc. from changing the future, in other words, get the collar back.
9. Maybe Magneto/Mystique join in to stop the government from getting the collar or they want it for themselves (only way to get Fassbender and Lawrence into things)
10. They stop Fitzroy
11. He is forced to take Bishop back to the future, or he gets back through another means (Forge invents something) or maybe he is now stuck in the past
12. In the future things change "around" everyone again, either back to the way they were or now it is the Age of Apocalypse.

Although I think it would be really cool to see Bishop get back just to see the world in ravage with Apocalypse now in control, the other way to do it would be to just have the present/future turn back to how it was and that's it.

Then, for the next movie, a new character (Legion anyone - of Fitzroy, or Nimrod, etc.) could go back to kill either Xavier or Magneto (although Xavier gets killed instead) which causes the new Age of Apocalypse.

I could just see The Rock as En Sabur Nur!

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