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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Hellion View Post
I like the entire saga...PT&OT...but agree with everything you just said. One of My main beefs with the PT is characters (mostly jedi) are stupid for the sake of being stupid/for the sake of the plot.
The whole plot felt like it was more of a contrivance to get to the dawn of the Empire than a natural change and there was WAY too much focus on Anakin becoming Vader.

Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
'Cause at the time I felt like debating and the anti/pro thread division isn't a very good idea, imo. Simple, really.
Then why does it upset you when people on this thread don't like these movies and have legitimate reasons why they don't?

Originally Posted by Thundercrack85 View Post
What I never get is why in Episode I it never occurred to them to leave Tatooine with another ship. They go there because their enemies are on the look out for them. Time is a serious factor.

And instead of ditching the conspicuous shiny ship they came with, they wait around for days (probably resulting in a lot of deaths on Naboo), bet on a kid, in hopes that he turns out to be Force Jesus so that they can pay someone for a specific ship part.

Instead they could have just used that money to pay someone to sneak them out.
There was nothing and I mean NOTHING at stake on Tattoine. Anakin and his mother were happy slaves, hell we even see Anakin playing with his friends and have a nice family dinner at home! If they wanted us to care they should have been getting whipped, scared, tired but instead it's not that horrible if they remained slaves, they look like they're doing alright.

The enemy wasn't present or close during the time spent on the planet. We don't see anything bad happen on Naboo and yes Maul arrives but then he just sends some droids that find them at the most convenient moment possible. If Lucas wanted to build suspense, he should have had shots of Maul accurately following their trail, and finding them a little too early. I'm not trying to rewrite the movie, it's just basic story telling, suspense is built by things going wrong and hoping/wondering how the heroes are going to get out of the mess unscathed. Ideally Maul would have found them during the pod-race instead of on the trip back to the ship, because they heroes are very close to achieving their goal on the world and suddenly have a huge unexpected obstacle in their way.

And yes it was nonsensical they didn't just get another ship or try another shop or just steal it. Qui-Gon tried to give him worthless money and ended up conning him out of the part and a slave anyway.

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