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Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
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Yeah I got that the TET was alien in nature, but what was it exactly? It seemed like more of a machine than a biological alien, so if it was a machine then who sent it and why did they not feel the need to be present themselves in case anything went wrong. Also if it was a machine, what did it need resources for? I just think the aliens themselves needed a bit more explanation, especially of their motives and what they need the resources for, was their world dying? Were they just a cruel race who wanted to wipe out others, there were simply too many questions about them for my liking.
Fix the spoiler tag on your post before anyone sees it.

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I dunno, I dug the little ambiguity for the real aliens, It leaves the door open for a sequel. It reminded me of the other older scifi movies and novels that go that route which is what Joe wanted to make in the first place.

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