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Default Re: Russell Crowe IS Jor-El

So the latest trailer confirms that we will see at least two suits for Jor-El in the movie: he's wearing his scientist suit for most of his appearances and we see Lara caressing the hope sigil on his action figure armor.

Now it's the armor, and it's possible connotations for how much of a hero Jor-El is, that I want to talk about. While all the Kryptonians have sigils on their more spandexy looking suits, only Jor-El's battle armor has it when compared to Zod and Faora's armors. Maybe Jor-El made the hope symbol his own in the war against Zod? Like he wanted everyone to know who he was and what he believed and to be encouraged by his presence on the battlefield?

And I really dig the idea of Jor-El being a genius bruiser combatant in some fight scenes. Maybe Zod's really bitter about losing to an untrained nerd in warfare and that plays a part in the subtext of his trial. And I think we can safely say that lady staring at the explosions in the second trailer is Lara, so now I'm hoping we get a nice moment of the two embracing before the end of Krypton right before an explosion obscures our view of them.

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