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I dont mind a little ambiguity, I actually prefer sometimes that they leave things open to our imagination, I am someone who loved Prometheus for example. But in Oblivion they gave us virtually NOTHING on the aliens, they didnt leave to our imagination IMO because we literally had nothing to go on, we dont know what they look like, what the TET was, nothing, which I found the only really dissapointing aspect of the movie. We literally didnt know what the humans were fighting against, nor did it look like the humans fought back when they initially invaded, the aliens just destroyed the moon then left us for a while before sending the drones in.

As for a sequel, has Kosinski said he wants to do one? I followed this movie from the start of its production and dont remember hearing anything about a sequel, I always thought this was a stand-alone feature like Moon and Sunshine?
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ah, I can see why you were disappointed, I didn't get that feeling myself. He said he doesn't want to immediately go back to this world but he left a maybe sign during a WonderCon interview.
“Potentially. Honestly, just in casual conversations. We’ve talked about what happened before the movie and what happened after. That would be a thing where you’d really want the demand to be there before you start thinking about it. For me, I think it would be great to take a little break from this world for a little while. But that’s not to say we wouldn’t want to go back to it at some point.”

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