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Default Re: The Gaming Lounge: Beyond - Part 5

Originally Posted by Soapy View Post
It seems like the game Bethesda has been teasing is Shinji Mikami's "Zwei", and it's going to be revealed tomorrow.
Look forward to tomorrow then. Can't be bothered with being teased but at least it's very soon.

Originally Posted by zenith16 View Post
Capcom Re-Evaluating Games In Development, Cancelling Certain Titles

. April 18, 2013 . 9:00am Capcom have attempted to figure out just what has led to their games not meeting their sales targets, and here’s what they’re doing about it.

source: Siliconera
Decline in quality due to excessive outsourcing

Ha, are they finally learning something?

Increase in and promotion of DLC (downloadable content)

Paying rather than playing to unlock characters is not appealing DLC!

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