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Default Re: Avengers Alliance - Part 1

Originally Posted by StreetWarrior View Post
I feel your pain. I still have the four star task to do (for 48 lockboxes) but I'm sitting at 6/8 covers and am definitely worried about getting her. I absolutely REFUSE to buy gold.

How's everyone doing on the main tasks? I unlocked Vision on Sunday but have gotten nothing in the roulette but 20 ISO, lightning in a jar, and ant bombs. I got 1000 ISO on day 2 (which helped tremendously) but I burned through that just doing the tasks (even with pre-planning to maximize usage). I could really use more than the standard 50 ISO per day...
This SO's roulette has been garbage for me. I've gotten 20 UIso maybe twice while the rest have been Lightning in a Bottle, Ant Bombs, and Iso crystals.

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