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Default Re: The Gaming Lounge: Beyond - Part 5

Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
Look forward to tomorrow then. Can't be bothered with being teased but at least it's very soon.

Decline in quality due to excessive outsourcing

Ha, are they finally learning something?
that wasn't their problem well not with the resident evil series any way. it's was lack of focuse. It lost what was supposed to be game play wise and them adding elements/things from other games that they weren't good at doing and not working on those element more after doing so before it ended up in peoples consoles.

Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
Increase in and promotion of DLC (downloadable content)

Paying rather than playing to unlock characters is not appealing DLC!
I agree with you there . they don't know what their doing there any more. give resident evil over to platinum games. you can over see the story but don't do the game play any more.

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