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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread.

These are from yesterday's screening. I'm just gonna post them now before there are new ones from tonight's premiere--
‪@Phelimo‬: Unexpectedly saw Iron Man 3 tonight, soooooo much better than 2, probably liked it more than 1. And who knew Ben Kingsley could be so...

‪@Helenography‬: Seems everyone is tweeting about Iron Man 3 so I guess it's safe: Ben Kingsley, if I wore hats, I'd take mine off. Just for you.

‪@TapiNyoni‬: Just watched iron man 3, very entertaining! Ben Kingsley, take a bow!!‪#ironman3‬

‪@DamianSamuels‬: Worth going to Iron Man 3 just to see Ben Kingsley - really fun film, although wish it had been in 2D ‪#ironman3‬

‪@WebbOfficial‬: Just saw ‪#ironman3‬ it´s a ‪#shaneblack‬ masterpiece. Best blockbuster of the decade. The bar as been raised HIGH!

‪@studioexec1‬: I'm going to stick my neck out. Iron Man 3 is just as good and slightly better in some respects than The Avengers

‪@McKelvie‬: ‪@alexgetchell‬ it's better than 1, leagues better than 2.
‎‏‪@McKelvie‬: (Yes, best Iron Man movie yet.)

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