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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

These kind of threads are always funny. Apparently there's also a bunch of comics I should be glad I haven't read because some feats by some characters named here seem extremely ridiculous (seen out of context at least). And in addition to each character's best feats they have also lost to comparatively minor feats. Consistency isn't a prime feature of comics as a whole.

But while these kind of things always just depend on the writer and the story, and I'd have The Avengers win as I personally think it's a better group of heroes, I'd say that JLA does have an advantage with speed as they have several extremely quick characters. While I think speed is an issue that can create a lot of problems story-wise and so on it's certainly an advantage in a fight. I guess the most interesting match ups are putting them in one on one battles though, as otherwise it's just about the big guys.

Originally Posted by James Howlett View Post
Batman would definitely kick Thor's ass but not in a direct fight. Batman is the smart man who will find out Thor's weakness and let Superman or Manhunter deal with him. He may be the greatest Martial Artist but he cannot fight Thor. But he will beat him nonetheless, as his greatest weapon is his mind.
I wouldn't exactly call that Batman kicking Thor's ass, I'd call that coaching.

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